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IP Valuation

An IP audit is a strategic process that evaluates a company’s intellectual property (IP) assets. It goes beyond patents and trademarks, encompassing trade secrets, copyrights, and design patents. Conducted by legal experts, an IP audit aims to preserve and enhance existing IP rights, correct defects, and identify underutilized assets. By mitigating risks, optimizing revenue, and aiding strategic decision-making, IP audits empower businesses to unlock the full potential of their IP portfolio.

Our expert team is poised to assist you in navigating the complexities of intellectual property, ensuring a comprehensive assessment tailored to your needs. From patent evaluations to trademark assessments, ask us for meticulous due diligence that safeguards your intellectual assets and fosters informed decision-making. Our commitment is to provide you with the insights necessary for strategic planning and risk mitigation in the realm of intellectual property. 

Benefits of IP Valuation
  • Legal Protection designs against infringement
  • Exclusive Rights Grant sole ownership
  • Elevates brand uniqueness and appeal
  • Boosts overall business valuation
  • Highlights design innovation and creativity
  • Opens avenues for revenue through licensing
  • Extends protection over internationally
  • Discourages copying and imitation
  • Adds value to the business strategy
  • Safeguards the distinctiveness of designs

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    FAQ of IP Valuation
    Intellectual property IP Valuation is the investigation to determine the value of a company's intellectual property. Intellectual property due diligence is also called IP due diligence. IP Valuation is most often completed by intellectual property attorneys.
    The strength of an intellectual property portfolio can determine a company's worth. This is becoming more common in the technology age. Some companies deal only in intellectual property and have no physical assets. Other reasons to investigate the value of an intellectual property are:
  • A company is interested in purchasing your intellectual property
  • A company is interested in licensing your intellectual property
  • A company is interested in an intellectual property trade
  • Preparing for initial public offering or IPO listing on a stock exchange
  • IP Valuation is often completed before a sale of intellectual property. It can be completed by the seller and or the buyer.
    IP Valuation takes a specialized set of skills. Intellectual property attorneys should be hired to investigate intellectual property.
    The main steps include identifying the IP assets, reviewing their ownership and registration status, validating their enforceability and legal protection, analyzing agreements and licenses, and assessing the overall market potential and competitive landscape for the intellectual property.


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