Patent Registration

Patent Registration in India

Patent Registration

As We are one of the premier Patent Advisory firms in India, Rights & Marks has been dedicated to serving enterprises of all scales since its foundation. Our mission has always been to streamline the process of patent registration, thereby making it more user-friendly and efficient for businesses throughout the nation.

Our team consists of seasoned patent lawyers and invention registration consultants who are unwaveringly committed to providing superior service. We hold our reputation as patent specialists in high esteem and make every effort to preserve it by delivering personalized solutions specifically tailored to meet the unique requirements of each client.

Benefits of Patent Registration
  • Secures exclusive Sole Ownership rights
  • Enhances business competitiveness
  • Legal Defense and Protects against unauthorized use
  • Value Rise by Assets and business valuation
  • Highlights commitment to innovation
  • Revenue via Licensing and Opens income streams
  • Protection Expands Over internationally
  • Safe and Discourages imitations
  • Enhances Brand strategic values
  • Safeguards of yur unique inventions

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    FAQ of Patent Registration
    A patent is a form of intellectual property that grants the patent holder exclusive rights to an invention for a limited period, usually 20 years from the filing date.
    Inventions that are novel, non-obvious, and have an industrial application can be patented. This includes new processes, machines, manufactured items, or any new and useful improvements thereof.
    An invention is patentable if it is novel (not known to the public prior to filing), non-obvious (not an obvious development for someone skilled in the field), and industrially applicable.
    The patent registration process in India involves preparing a patent application with all necessary documents and filing it with the Indian Patent Office. This is followed by a preliminary examination, publication, opposition (if any), and a final examination before the patent is granted.
    A provisional patent application is an initial application that secures a filing date and allows the inventor to use the term “Patent Pending.” A complete application, filed within 12 months from the provisional application, includes full details of the invention.


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